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Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Tue Nov 9 23:15:41 GMT 2004

> This is the second time I have put this question to the list.
> I don't want to annoy everyone so I won't ask this again but
> I really could use some input here. And, I know that most
> people do not like the vacation program for obvious reasons
> but I need to implement this for a good client who is away in
> Europe and for whatever reason I can no longer get vacation to work.
> It was working but it seems to have stopped working since
> that last time I used it. So, my question for anyone willing
> to pipe up with some input: does the vacation program work
> with MailScanner | ClamAV | SpamAssassin? I see no errors in
> my logs and mail is delivered to the mailbox but no auto
> response is sent, at least as far as I can tell. Someone? Please ...

I don't understand your question. What are you having issues with exactly?

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