Need Help Please

Dave Filchak dfilchak at
Tue Nov 9 23:12:04 GMT 2004

This is the second time I have put this question to the list. I don't want
to annoy everyone so I won't ask this again but I really could use some
input here. And, I know that most people do not like the vacation program
for obvious reasons but I need to implement this for a good client who is
away in Europe and for whatever reason I can no longer get vacation to work.
It was working but it seems to have stopped working since that last time I
used it. So, my question for anyone willing to pipe up with some input: does
the vacation program work with MailScanner | ClamAV | SpamAssassin? I see no
errors in my logs and mail is delivered to the mailbox but no auto response
is sent, at least as far as I can tell. Someone? Please ...


I run:
This is Red Hat Linux release 9 (Shrike)
This is Perl version 5.008000 (5.8.0)

This is MailScanner version 4.35.8
Module versions are:
1.00    AnyDBM_File
1.14    Archive::Zip
1.01    Carp
1.119   Convert::BinHex
1.00    DirHandle
1.04    Fcntl
2.71    File::Basename
2.05    File::Copy
2.01    FileHandle
1.05    File::Path
0.13    File::Temp
1.23    HTML::Entities
3.26    HTML::Parser
2.24    HTML::TokeParser
1.20    IO
1.09    IO::File
1.122   IO::Pipe
3.05    MIME::Base64
5.415   MIME::Decoder
5.415   MIME::Decoder::UU
5.415   MIME::Head
5.415   MIME::Parser
3.03    MIME::QuotedPrint
5.415   MIME::Tools
0.09    Net::CIDR
1.05    POSIX
1.75    Socket
0.03    Sys::Syslog
1.02    Time::localtime

Optional module versions are:
1.806   DB_File
1.00    Digest
1.01    Digest::HMAC
2.20    Digest::MD5
2.01    Digest::SHA1
0.44    Inline
0.13    Mail::ClamAV
3.000000        Mail::SpamAssassin
missing Mail::SPF::Query
missing Net::CIDR::Lite
0.31    Net::DNS
missing Net::LDAP
1.94    Parse::RecDescent
missing SAVI
missing Sys::Hostname::Long
2.26    Test::Harness
0.47    Test::Simple
1.89    Text::Balanced
1.21    URI

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