Spamassissin compleatly ballsed - what to do?

Colin Alston karnaugh at KARNAUGH.ZA.NET
Tue Nov 9 20:34:59 GMT 2004

Kevin Miller wrote:

>Causes range from DNS issues to Bayes, etc. if memory serves.
Thank you, disabling the RBL's properly seems to have fixed it up.

>Sorry not to be more directly helpful; a bit more detail in the symptoms
>would be good.
Hard because I was not sure on the symptoms - it was a problem that
appeared out of no where on a perfectly working system (as I said initialy)

Ugo Bellavance wrote:

> We can only work with the information you gave us.

No problem - but I'm not 16 and this isn't school ;) - Worse questions
have seen better answers on alt.linux.

Colin Alston <karnaugh at>

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