SURBL not working properly in MailScanner 4.35.9 - A FIX?

Hall, Douglas Douglas.Hall at PROQUEST.CO.UK
Tue Nov 9 16:20:34 GMT 2004

I may be jumping into this a little late, but I also had a problem with
the init.pre file not being found, and therefore the URIBL and SPF rules
not working.

What fixed it for me was to put the init.pre file into
/opt/MailScanner/etc/mail/spamassassin, as this is defined as the
"SpamAssassin Local Rules Dir" in the mailscanner.conf.

A look at the module indicates (at least to my Perl
illiterate brain) that it checks this directory, if defined, before
/etc/mail/spamassassin, and if it exists, never bothers to check
/etc/mail/spamassassin for init.pre

Anyway, it all works for me now

Cambridge, UK

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