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Marco Benton marco at XSSNET.COM
Mon Nov 8 23:38:41 GMT 2004

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Alan wrote:

>Perhaps, but just to reiterate, now that I've switched to zmailer, I no
>longer have any bottle necks nor delays. SA was NOT my bottle neck, I
>proved that by seeing it scream through a large backlog just by shutting
>down my MTAs back when I was using sendmail or exim. Now that I use
>zmailer, SA again screams through my queue WITHOUT having to shut down the
>MTAs. And for comparison, I get between 300,00 and 400,000 emails per day.
>I'm not on any kind of soapbox here, all I'm doing is posting my
>obeservations related to my experience with three different MTAs and their
>resource usage in a gateway envirronment. Perhaps it might help someone

hey...  i'm not arguing...  i might try zmailer just to see a lower
utilization.  maybe i'm wrong about SA.  and if it works for me i'll be
a convert to zmailer!!!  :-)


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