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Alan wrote:

 On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 23:41:11 -0500, Marco Benton <marco at XSSNET.COM> wrote:


 have you tried configuring Sendmail to not fork off a process for each
message?  might slow sendmail down a bit but you wont use up all your

 Nope, don't know how to do it, never found any threads or FAQ on the site
related to doing so.

But I DO know that zmailer does that without taking any special steps, and
by doing so it speeds up processing, not slow it down as suspected would be
the case with sendmail.

here are some examples:


all this is dependant on how much mail or system resources you have, and
how fast you want actual mail to be delivered...  before the days of spam
mail was instantaneous...  now most companies just accept a delay due to
virus and spam checking...  so a few minute wait is no big deal.  but i
never seen a resource problem and i get 50,000-100,000+ emails a day, SA
is ususally the bottleneck.


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