OT - JISCmail listserv oddity

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Fri Nov 5 17:03:43 GMT 2004

Martin Hepworth wrote:
> nope, was definitely to the mailscanner list

OK - apparently Julian's seen it before - the listserv tries to spot
messages which should have been sent to listserv@ but were actually sent
to the list.

> had another funny yesterday when it accused me of sending the same
> message twice.

I got the same this afternoon - someone's mail server is looping -
they've been notified and their delivery disabled.

 > maybe they should move off this M$ and listserve stuff to mailman and
 > *nix :-0

It's quite a large operation. I'm fairly sure they looked at the
alternatives before deciding on listserv.



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