Spam stored in wrong quarantine folder

Paul Houselander paul at 4FRONTMEDIA.NET
Fri Nov 5 14:46:35 GMT 2004


Have found some unusual behaviour I just wanted to run by the list.

I have 2 domains ( and whose mail accounts reside on
the same server. Both domains are scanned for Spam, but only on
incomming mail i.e. my Use Spamassasin ruleset looks like

To: * yes
To: * yes
FromTo: default no

I have a ruleset for quarantine as well

FromTo: *     /quarantine/
FromTo: *       /quarantine/

and my Spam Actions ruleset looks like

To: *         store forward spam at
To: *           store forward spam at

If user1 at sends a message to user2 at that gets tagged as
spam it gets quarantined in /quarantine/, I would have expected
it to be quarantined in /quarantine/

I have a web application that allows people to release there own spam,
and am finding in the scenorio outlined above they cannot as the message
is not in there own domains quarantine directory.

Is this expected behaviour/config error on my part/or possible bug

Any help appreciated.


Paul Houselander

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