FW: MailScanner Multiple Recipients from Perl Scripts

Stephen Conway sconway at WLNET.COM
Thu Nov 4 23:32:23 GMT 2004

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Sorry, meant to send this to the list.


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Subject: MailScanner Multiple Recipients from Perl Scripts


We have a lot of custom perl scripts that do various things, among them is
to send reports / emails to 1 or more recipients.  I have noticed that when
running MailScanner, if you try to send an SMTP message from within an
external perl script where you send to multiple recipients , ex:

    $recipient="recip1 at domain.com,recip2 at domain2.com,recip3 at domain3.com";
    $sender='sender at domain.com';
    $smtp = Net::SMTP->new("$mailhost", Timeout => 30,debug =>1,);
if ($smtp) {print PLOG "SMTP session START ok\n";} else{print PLOG "SMTP
session START failed\n"; close();exit}
    $smtp->datasend("From: $sender\n");
    $smtp->datasend("To: $recipient\n");
    $smtp->datasend("Subject: $msg_sub\n");

When sending as above, with multiple recipients via a MailScanner system,
there are problems, i.e. local configuration errors , and problems where the
receiving servers reply with errors , even if both recipients exist and are

Can you please let me know what might be causing the above?



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