minimum attachment size?

[ISO-8859-2] Marcin Ro¿ek marcin.rozek at IOS.EDU.PL
Thu Nov 4 14:15:51 GMT 2004

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> Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
>> My morning summary of bad emails, as reported by MailScanner, showed a
>> pile of "attachment too small" rejections of local users.  I had set the
>> value to zero.  While we discourage Outlook on our campus (we support
>> On Thu, 4 Nov 2004, Roger Jochem wrote:
>>> There is some problem using the minimum attachment size parameter. I
>>> changed
>>> it to "1", and if in Outlook Express I forward the message as an
>>> attachment
>>> the message is blocked with attachmenttoosmall. The message I was
>>> testing
>>> had about 700 Kb.
> I've just tested this on Outlook Express V6.00.2800.1165. E-mail
> forwarded as
> attachment wasn't blocked... Most of our users use Thunderbird although
> there's
> still some outlook-ers but none of them did report this problem...
> Maybe you could process such e-mail using MS in debug mode?
ouch... I did double check "Minimum Attachment Size" i MailScanner.conf and it
looks like it was turned off...(I forgot to rename to
MailScanner.conf after upgrade) When i set it to "1" then indeed MS blocks
e-mails from Outlook Express...
Mea culpa. I'm sorry.


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