MailScanner + Razor

Michael Freeman admin at
Wed Nov 3 18:19:01 GMT 2004

Anyone using Razor with MS + SA?


I’m a little baffled with what Razor is supposed to be doing. I see
it connecting to a bunch of server then reports back that the msg is
spam. Ok, so big deal, spamassassin also reports the message as spam but
at least they assign scores. The only score I ever see in any msg header
from Razor is;


 RAZOR2_CF_RANGE_51_100 0.06, RAZOR2_CHECK 1.51


 and I don’t see any other checks. So when Razor determines that
the message is spam it adds a score of 0.06 + 1.51 for a total score of
1.57? What other checks should I be seeing? I’v never seen anything
else other than those two in the header. Am I missing something? I though
Razor would be adding scores in the header just like SA does.


Can somebody clarify?





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