Messages with blocked filenames/filetypes not being delivered

Jim Holland mailscanner at MANGO.ZW
Wed Nov 3 06:05:24 GMT 2004


On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Jim Holland wrote:

> However I am puzzled by the fact that a harmless .tmp file is now silently
> quarantined instead of the message being delivered without the attachment
> but with a warning.  Any suggestions as to where to look?

Now I can see what is happening:

MailScanner[32587]: Viruses marked as silent: MailScanner: Dangerous
attachment according to Microsoft Q883260 (x.tmp),

(I hadn't picked this up before as I had just grepped the log for the
message id - could I suggest this always be included in lines that are

I don't remember seeing banned filenames and filetypes being classified as
silent in the previous version of MailScanner.  This will obviously lead
to problems with legitimate attachments being blocked.  Is there any way
to control this?  Could this be because with the latest version of
MailScanner I have reverted from:

Silent Viruses = HTML-IFrame HTML-Codebase HTML-Form All-Viruses Exploit.HTML.Bagle

to the default:

Silent Viruses = All-Viruses


Jim Holland
System Administrator
MANGO - Zimbabwe's non-profit e-mail service

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