bayes stopped working

Nick Meverden nmeverde at NP.K12.MN.US
Tue Nov 2 21:22:14 GMT 2004

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MailScanner stopped using bayes today with no errors, the database is no
longer auto-learning (ntokens do not increase) and the BAYES_ score rules
are no longer being used.  Has anyone seen this before?  Using
spamassassin -D --lint returns no bayes errors and if I run mail through
it it'll use bayes.  MailScanner.conf and spam.assassin.prefs.conf both
are pointing to the correct db path.  And bayes is enabled in
spam.assassin.prefs.conf.  Journal sync is setup in MailScanner.conf for
daily.  And I setup auto_expire to 0 in spam.assassin.prefs.conf and run a
cron job that shuts down MailScanner and manually expires the db and
removes any bayes_expire* files if they exist.  The bayes db was not
upgrade from 2.6X it was created using SA 3.0.0.  I would like to be able
to save the database with out clearing it out.


     - Nick

Here is the version info, output from sa-learn --dump magic, and a lock
file that always exist in /tmp, and the contents of my bayes db.

Spamassassin 3.0.0
MailScanner Version Number = 4.34.8
Perl 5.8.5
Linux 2.4.26

0.000          0          3          0  non-token data: bayes db version
0.000          0       2141          0  non-token data: nspam
0.000          0       1389          0  non-token data: nham
0.000          0     116161          0  non-token data: ntokens
0.000          0 1098405034          0  non-token data: oldest atime
0.000          0 1099095787          0  non-token data: newest atime
0.000          0          0          0  non-token data: last journal sync
0.000          0 1099355126          0  non-token data: last expiry atime
0.000          0     691200          0  non-token data: last expire atime
0.000          0      20945          0  non-token data: last expire
reduction count

SpamAssassin Bayes database locked for use by MailScanner 2022


2592 auto-whitelist           4 bayes.mutex            328 bayes_seen
   4 auto-whitelist.mutex     4 bayes_journal         2604 bayes_toks

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