Out of Office AutoReply: Way OT: SMTP/POP/IMAP (Whole mailserver, actually) redundancy

Mon Nov 1 16:56:02 GMT 2004

Jan-Peter Koopmann <> wrote:
> Did you mail it to Steve directly as well?

So, yeah, here's the irony:

I set this up a long time ago to automatically reply to
those who send OOO replies, however since I always get
them directly from the sender everything is fine, but
in this case the message came THROUGH the mailing list,
a condition I (stupidly) didn't account for.  So,
sorry for spamming the list.  I'm hanging my head in
shame, especially considering the subject matter.

The filter is off until I get time to fix the conditions.

Again, I apologize everyone.  I'll do my best to keep
it from happening again.


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