Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Mon Nov 1 16:20:46 GMT 2004

> Looking at the overwhelming support for SA I hereby withdraw
> my request to support multiple spam engines (specially ones
> containing the word dspam). Ok, I understand as Jan says that
> adding dspam or the likes would make no great difference to
> spam detection (unless the engine is truly revolutionary) and
> at the same time would increase Julian's effort in
> maintaining the code (and my hardware requirement). Plus the
> fact that the secondary engine would serve no purpose since
> all obvious spam would be dropped at the primary engine
> (leaving the secondary only with mostly ham).
> But this is where I see open-source making a difference,
> anyone convinced of dspam's capability is free to start a
> patch supporting dspam (or libdspam).
You've hit the nail on the head.
If you want to patch/fork to support it you are free to do so :)

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