Bagle-Au - Perhaps we should not be so smug?

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Mon Nov 1 07:43:25 GMT 2004


I am running MS-4.35.5-1 (BETA) with SA 3.0.1 on one of our 8 mail
gateways. This and the other gateways use both Sophos and McAfee A-V

When I checked the logs for the Bagle-AU virus this morning I found that
on the 4.35.5-1 system _only_ of the 8 gateways, the logs show
MailScanner + Sophos finding the Bagle-AU virus mutiple times in the
_same_ message; that is it has the same Sendmail queue ID.

It appears that MailSanner is not removing some Bagle-infected messages
from "". Some messages have been (re-)scanned 320+ times since
early this morning.

The problem seems to have started on Saturday although we have been
detecting the virus since at least midday Friday with Sophos. We have
Sophos IDE 386.200411010710 currently in use.

I have restarted MailScanner but that has no effect. Am investigating

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>John Rudd wrote:
>>Julian Field wrote:
>>>Are we allowed to sit around feeling smug?
>>>My MailScanners are currently trapping this for 5 separate reasons.
>>Just out of curiosity, what are the different reasons?
>>(we block all zips currently, because I haven't been able to 
>upgrade our
>>MS since before the option to block encrypted zips only came out; I'm
>>sort of hoping that both of these new viruses are blockable 
>via our zip
>>blocking alone)
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