Finally: I'm live... :)

Jason Williams jwilliams at COURTESYMORTGAGE.COM
Tue May 4 19:23:07 IST 2004

>For one moment I thought this day would never come :-) Now just let Bayes
>fill with some nice Spam, a few final tweeks to ensure a good Spam catch
>rate and Robert is your mother's brother :-D

Feels good.

Just a couple of questions....

As im monitoring the server here, as far as resources, what should I be
keeping on eye on?

For instance, right now, I see the following:

Load Avg:

0.0.3  0.0.7  0.0.2    (highest I saw was 0.22)


size: 2gb
Free: 1.48gb
Used: 525mb

Just babysitting things right now.

I appreciate the help.


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