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Anders Andersson, IT anders.andersson at LTKALMAR.SE
Wed Mar 31 15:35:59 IST 2004

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> Från: Volkan Evrin [mailto:linux at] 
> Skickat: den 31 mars 2004 14:18
> Ämne: AV Engine Licence
> I installed MailScanner and perfectly be satisfied. I install 
> trial version of Sophos AV Unix (not SAVI) and it is still 
> working very well.
> I want to use Sophos and Kaspersky AV engine to search the 
> e-mails, but local reseller said you should use SAVI licence 
> model for each mailbox individually.  Is it true? I have 300 
> clients and should I registered all the boxes? (too much money!...)
> Or, could you suggest any other free/cheap virus detection 
> licence model or solution that can be used with MailScanner?

Clamav sounds like a solution for you and depending on your OS you might
consider eTrust from CA that dont care if it's a mailserver or klient, same
price for each client. Or if your bold you just buy one license and and say
your not scanning mail instead your scanning files in one place and only one
user is doing the scanning. Might not be legaly perfect but hey, what is. 
Its all a mather of how you want to interpret whats being scanned   =)

> Volkan Evrin

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