How do I stop this???

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Tue Mar 30 08:19:39 IST 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 01:28, Gerry Doris wrote:
> > >Unfortunately, this mail is arriving via fetchmail.
> > >
> > >It's been an interesting problem as it appears that sendmail reads the
> > >sender's address, logs the problem in the syslog, and discards the message
> > >prior to checking the access database.  I end up without the message but
> > >have an entry in the logs.

Gerry, it strikes me as odd that sendmail is logging the subject
problem, despite still discarding it, since in an SMTP transaction it
would have decided to discard the message at the MAIL or RCPT stages,
before it even gets the subject.
I wonder if, for some reason, fetchmail is calling sendmail directly
rather than connecting via smtp?  Normally it should try smtp first, but
maybe localhost:25 isn't accessible (try telneting to localhost 25 to
see, if it lets you in it is okay - QUIT to exit).  Perhaps fetchmail
has been compiled to try a non standard order, adding smtphost localhost
to the lines in your fetchmailrc might help (although this should be
implicit) - you also might try smtphost

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