Mail Scanner and Spam Assassin report generatio n

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Mon Mar 29 14:48:09 IST 2004

>>>I tend to agree it would be nice to have the option to put the spam
>>>assassin report in the body of the message. I have lots of accounts using
>>>Outlook or Outlook Express and explaining how to get the headers for a
>>>message can be a real pain with some of them. For analytical purposes it
>>>would be nice to have the report in the body of the message, or added to
>>>the subject line of any mail that is tagged as spam?
>But if you put the report in the message then you can't feed it back into
>the Bayes engine in SpamAssassin. Do you really want that? You won't be
>able to manually teach SpamAssassin about any messages as you will have
>changed the message a lot.
>If you really are happy with that, let me know.

Since my Spam Actions are "attach deliver", my sa-learn script already has
to pull the attachment out of the forwarded email, so adding the spam
assassin report to the message will not hurt my manual spam training and
would probably be of interest to the recipients.  Maybe you could make it
available as a variable to use in the report file, like $from and $subject
is used now?


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