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Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Mar 29 09:59:06 IST 2004

At 08:00 29/03/2004, you wrote:
>appreciate if you could let me know a few queries i have
>i am using
>redHat 8
>sendmail 8.12.5-7
>mailscanner 4.28
>clamav .67
>spamassassain 2.31
>1) when i see the maillog i see th following entry
>Allowing i2T6hs6W004947 msg-1586-39.html (no rule matched)
>but in filename.rules.conf or filetype.rules.conf i dont see any entry for
>deny or allow .html .

If you can't see any rules about allowing or denying .html, then it is
hardly surprising that it said "no rule matched".
The default action if nothing matches is to allow the filename.
Julian Field
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