Mail Scanner and Spam Assassin report generation

brichter brichter at INTERACCESS.COM
Fri Mar 26 15:40:00 GMT 2004

Mail Scanner version: mailscanner-4.25-14
Spam Assassin version: 2.63


When we first setup Spam Assassin in our enviornment way back, before we
automatically purged messages marked as spam, for the first couple of
weeks we allowed the messages to be delivered and allowed SPAM Assassin to
add it's text to the body of the orginal message indicating this could be
Spam and if it was not to contact our help desk etc.. (To see if we had
many false positives)  And at that time a score of 5.0 was too low. So we
went with 7.0 which wound up working well.  And after we found Mail
Scanner after that point we started deleting all SPAM with a 7.0 or more

Now we are going to try lowering our score back down to 5.0 and figured we
would DELETE automatically anything over 7.0 (treat that as HIGH scoring
spam) and anything 5.0 - 6.99 would be normal spam and we could deliver it
and have people let us know if we still get any false positives.  The
problem is I cannot for the life of me get the additional Spam Assasin
report appended to the original message after it's detected as Spam.

If I run the Spam Assasin 2.63 exe in test mode against a test message it
puts the report in.

If I send a message through the server so Mail Scanner then processes it,
it detects it as Spam properly, and modifies the subject line like I have
defined in the Mail Scanner conf.

But it does not add this in: (I have tried listing this in
/etc/mail/spamassassin/ and in the spam assassin prefs in
Mailscanner without either working)

report -------------------- Start SpamAssassin results
report This email facility identified this email as potential
report spam or content objectionable.  Email of this type is detected
report through a series of checks against the original message content.
report The "rules" on which the Spam determination was made are included,
report as well as the original message.
report If, in your opinion, this message is not Spam or content
report objectionable, please forward the message to the help desk for
report further evaluation.
report If for business reasons you need to receive messages that would be
report considered Spam, Junk Mail, or contain offensive content, please
report notify us and we will exempt you from ANY Spam/content
report filtering.
report Content analysis details:   (_HITS_ hits, _REQD_ required)
report _SUMMARY_
report ------ End of SpamAssassin results, Original message follows

This report IS appended to the test message if I pipe it through
spamassassin with -t (it picks it up in /etc/mail/spamassin/

Thanks for any tips on this.

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