deleted.content.message error

Tunc Eresen(?`..,,.-> Cobalt M447785363481 tunceresen at
Wed Mar 24 14:56:57 GMT 2004

I have checked  %reports-dir% is in the ms.conf file and  copied
/deleted.content.message.txt file form another server
 Still not running and restarting MS,

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There is no directory name on the front of it. Have you removed the
definition of the %reports-dir%?

At 14:22 24/03/2004, Tunc Eresen(?`..,,.->  Cobalt   M447785363481 wrote:
>  I am getting following error and .txt, File is working and it could
>be read.
>Where is the error here?
>Mar 24 14:13:02 ns1 MailScanner[31856]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus
>Scanner version 4.23-11 starting...
>Mar 24 14:13:02 ns1 MailScanner[31856]: Could not read file
>/deleted.content.message.txt Mar 24 14:13:02 ns1 MailScanner[31856]:
>Error in line 449, file "/deleted.content.message.txt" for
>deletedcontentmessage does not exist (or can not be read)

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