Examining the headers of the infected email

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Wed Mar 24 11:23:26 GMT 2004

BG Mahesh wrote:
 > MS quarantined the infected email. I see your_document.pif in the
 > quarantine directory.
 > However I want to examine the email headers of the infected email.
 > Even though the emails says the infected email was from
 > bg.mahesh at indiainfo.com, I want to examine the headers to figure out
 > from which IP that infected email was sent.
 > How do I access the original email headers?

Assuming that you have the e-mail in an e-mail program then it depends
on which e-mail program you're using. Message Properties in Outlook*,
View Source in Netscape/Mozilla etc etc.

If you "Quarantine Whole Messages As Queue Files" as well then you can
see the full headers in the qf file (for sendmail).



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