Mounting as a tempfs...on FreeBSD

Ken Anderson (Pacific Internet) ka at PACIFIC.NET
Tue Mar 23 23:52:07 GMT 2004

Mounting MailScanner's incoming dir in tempfs IS a good idea, since you
will not lose mail if the machine reboots due to the way MailScanner works.

Mounting or mqueue in tempfs IS NOT a good idea because you
will lose mail if the machine ever reboots while there is mail in these

Of course if it's worth the risk of lost mail, you could put the box on
a good ups, shutdown sendmail, save off the and mqueue
directories to disk and restore them after reboot.

I'm not sure of any case where it's worth the risk of lost mail though.
If you have 1.5 million messages to scan, then you can probably afford
another MS box!

Ken A

Dan Hollis wrote:

> On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Michael Baird wrote:
>>If you know of a different FAQ that says otherwise please let me know,
>>or if you have some magic way of having tmpfs survive a reboot (like an
>>Amiga RAD disk), please point me to it, and I will stand corrected.

> I'd like to know of any battery-macked ramdisk products. They would be
> useful for tmpfs and for the journal device of journaled filesystems.
> -Dan

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