Samuel Luxford-Watts slwatts at WINCKWORTHS.CO.UK
Tue Mar 23 14:18:46 GMT 2004

I have noticed a slight increase in the load on the server since adding this
blacklist file - but its only a small increase and hasn't caused emails to
back up at all.


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On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, xcelent wrote:

> well just replace this file with ur existing spam.blacklist.rules file
> and restart MailScanner and see the results.

The result, sadly, was disaster!  A steadily increasing volume of mail built
up in /var/spool/ and I stupidly didn't notice it, because enough
mail still got processed that I didn't realise there was a serious problem.
I can't see anything in the logs reporting an error, and haven't yet worked
out what went wrong.  Maybe it was simply system overload due to the size of
the file (400 KB), but I didn't see any particular sign of that at the time.

Once I removed the entries, the mail started to move again.

I would be interested to know if others have had a problem using this


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