spam.lists.conf and SORBS

Res res at AUSICS.NET
Sat Mar 20 08:18:29 GMT 2004

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004, Magda Hewryk wrote:

> Hi Raymond,
> The SBL+XBL had improved the spam checking activity  a lot. Thanks for a
> tip!
> Now I'd like to add DSBL and AHBL. Can I have the their addresses to plug
> them into the spam.lists.conf file.
> SBL+XBL               

spamhaus returned? no DNS entries for any of them for past 2 or so
days at least. Credit to them tho, for just deleting the entries and not
*'ds everyone like the last few idiots running these things have.

If njabl pull the plug its byebye to the last reputable RBL
damn, wish wirehub/easynet would come back, nothing beat it!


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