Spam blacklists (RBLs) - I need a non-free RBL's

Res res at AUSICS.NET
Sat Mar 20 08:13:14 GMT 2004

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004, Magda Hewryk wrote:

> Hi,
> My company requested to try an non-free RBL's.
> Do you know some of the good RBLs?  Which would you recommend?
> Is it worth to use a not free RBLs over a free one like ORDB-RBL, SBL+XBL,
> Any experience on RBLs to share?

When making your choice, for a paid service, get a guarantee that when
they get sick of running it they will just delete their DNS entries and
not do what most the spoilt brats have been doing lately and putting a *
in their zone file so they cause everyones mail to be rejected and lost
forever.  MAPS is the only paid for service with any real credit.


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