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>De : Gib Gilbertson Jr. [mailto:gib at TMISNET.COM]
>Envoyé : 20 mars, 2004 00:32
>Objet : Re: MailScanner.conf
>I don't have a /rules/blacklist.rules. Just the 
>spam.whitelist.rules for 
>people that want no scanning at all.
>Low scoring spam might be getting tagged, but it's being 
>deleted instead of 
>It is kind of strange. I was under the impression that each s after 
>X-tmisnet-MailScanner-SpamScore:  in an e-mail header meant 
>one point. I 
>see some with ssss sssss (I thought this meant 9 points) that 
>still get 
>delivered but not tagged in the subject line.

could we see some pieces of logs and extracts of MailScanner.conf?

have you restarted/reloaded after making changes?

>At 07:33 PM 3/19/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>>On 2004-03-19 18:56:44 -0600 Gib Gilbertson Jr. 
><gib at TMISNET.COM> wrote:
>> > Hi.
>> >
>> > I'm trying to deliver low scoring spam, and delete high 
>scoring spam, but
>> > this doesn't seem to work. I guess I don't understand the 
>operation of the
>> > settings in MailScanner.conf.
>> >
>> > I have
>> >
>> > Spam Actions = deliver
>> > High Scoring Spam Actions = delete
>>This is correct.
>> > Does mail not get tagged and delivered is we have our spam 
>threshold set to
>> > 6 and spam actions set to deliver?
>>Yes it does get delivered with the tag on the subject line.
>> > Low scoring spam is still getting deleted. Is there some 
>setting I'm 
>> missing?
>>If you have a rules/spam/blacklist.rules those rules plus the 
>>Spam Is High Scoring" option can overide the score and could 
>be marking 
>>some or all e-mail as high scoring spam.
>>Perhaps you could use a test message and MS in debug mode to 
>see what is 
>>going on.
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