Final steps for my MS server

Jason Williams jwilliams at COURTESYMORTGAGE.COM
Thu Mar 18 22:49:18 GMT 2004

Thanks for the feedback on your testing mechanism...I grabbed a few ideas
from it that I would like to try..

>I don't know how you have tested so far but this is how I did it. I set
>up the MS server with the correct IP and everything, fixed everything in
>the firewall but didn't change the current mail flow (smart host,
>mailertable) so no one used the server even though it was fully
>functional. That way I could send a lot of test mail from it. I used
>mailx and mpack (Solaris mail commands for text and attachments) to send
>eicar, gtube and different attachments to test it all. I sent it to my
>Yahoo account where I could easily see all headers. After that I changed
>the mail flow to pass the server but I set everything to no to just test
>if everything was working under full load without any one noticing the
>new server. Finally I set the configuration I tested.

What I was going to do was create a second MX record with a slightly
different domain (i.e. that will point to my mail gateway
on our corporate DMZ, which shouldn't ineterupt our mail flow either. That
way, I can just compose email from my yahoo account, and send to the
domain. I plan on using eicar and other goodies that I can find. I'm also
hoping to send some test SPAM mails as well.

We are retiring our current mail server and replacing it with a new one.
Thus, I can configure the mail gateway to send the mail to the internal
network, to ensure my mail flow is correct. BTW, in the mailertable, do you
have to use FQDN to point to hosts, or can you use IP addresses? Quick
epiphany there.

That is how I was going to do some of my testing. Once I tweak it to my
likes, I would renumber the servers, change the DNS information and all
should be well...Really looking forward to getting this up and rolling.

THanks for everyones help.



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