Dead Horse?

Stefan Zauchenberger stefanzman at
Thu Mar 18 02:10:40 GMT 2004

I think the horse carcas (otherwise known and Infinte
Monkeys) has been beaten to death more savagely than
any topic I have seen on this list.


A) All of us with IM still in our in conf files ( and
I was one) should have *known* better.
B) Julian had already protected us against ourselves.
C) We did not update the product or stay abreast of
the changes.
D) Whyning and complaining is only a vain attempt to
cover up our own negligence.
D) We *deserved* to have our mail servers barf up all
over us.

Enough said....


PS - I get the special "head up anal cavity" prize for
letting the customer talk me into deleting all mail
tagged as spam.

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