Infinite Monkeys and other BLs

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Wed Mar 17 16:08:08 GMT 2004

At 15:56 17/03/2004, you wrote:
>I've received a call this morning from someone who is concerned that
>Infinite Monkeys is blocking DNS illegitimately - and that IM is no longer
>providing a real black list (supposedly they shut down last September).
>Should the reference for IM remain in my spam.lists.conf?

The spam.lists.conf file is nothing more than a list of definitions. It's
what you put in your "Spam List" setting in MailScanner.conf that lists
what definitions you actually use. So it is quite harmless to put anything
you like in spam.lists.conf.

>If not, why was it that the version I used of MailScanner for my servers
>from last November still have IM mentioned in the spam.lists.conf?  I would
>have figured 2 months after the site shut down that MailScanner would have
>been updated to reflect that.
>Are there any resources for other DNS BLs I may want to update the
>spam.list.conf file with?

Make sure you have the "" list defined in there if you
want to use that. It's a very good list and catches a *lot* of spam.
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