Mailscanner, MTA and postfix questions - any chance of a guide?

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Tue Mar 16 23:26:49 GMT 2004

Pete wrote:

> Any chance of one fo you writing something akin to Julians postfix guide
> on this topic of single postfix instance, and why you think its the
> better way to implement postfix and MS ?
I have done this already for Julian to be added to the website as an
option (like the Exim single and double instance installation
instructions). It's just waiting for a new install script for the RH/
rpm users to auto detect which type of set up etc so their start up
scripts are correct (These RH types have it too easy, can't modify start
up scripts...  :-) /ducks as the brick bats are thrown - Sorry Southern
England humour ;-) ) and add a ready formatted header_checks file, which
I have also attached. Julian has been somewhat tied up keeping nasties
out of our doors rather than writing fairly trivial stuff like this.

> I would LOVE to hear about this. Maybe we can add a FAQ entry, or add it
> to Ugo's MAQ ?

I have attached it, sorry it's in MS Word. If you can't open it, I'll
publish it some where (Sorry, not much time at the moment).


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