a bit lost

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Mon Mar 15 00:28:52 GMT 2004

Thanks for the tips, and sorry about the HTML.

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> Hi,
> I've been running mailscanner for the past month.
> Everything works great, I'm using mail scanner with spam assassin, clamAV
> and Panda AV.
> Virus scanning and filtering works great.
> The software was installed from RPMs (from the original MailScanner web
> site) on a RedHat 9.0 machine.
> I have two problems.
> One - filetype filtering doesn't seem to work (it is enabled in
> MailScanner.conf, and the filetypes.rules.conf is in place) only filename
> filtering works, but it's not preferable.
> <UB>
>  Are you sure you did remove the # before the file command?  it is
> disabled by default.
> </UB>
> Two - I want to train sapmassassin, cause I'm having many false-positives,
> as well as real spam getting through. But I can't find almost any files as
> directed by the FAQ. First of all, there's not MailScanner dir under /opt.
> I can't find sa-learn anywhere on my system. Changes I make in
> MailScanner.conf regarding spam assassin do work, but nothing else does.
> I do see detailed reports of Spam Assassin scores in the mail headers, so
> it is working.
> <UB>
> sa-learn is included with spamassassin  it is enabled by default.  note
> that it must see a certain amount of ham and spam before kicking in.
> you can also help it learn.  see
> http://www.sng.ecs.soton.ac.uk/mailscanner/serve/cache/98.html
> Do you also have DCC, Pyzor, and Razor installed?  I suggest you take a
> look of my MailScanne's MAQ (most asked questions).
> www.routier.org/ms.htm
> Please avoid HTML in posts
> </UB>
> As far as I could tell, the installation went without a hitch.
> So, what am I doing wrong???
> Thanks in advance,
> Tom
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