Request to all for the MAQs

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Sun Mar 14 03:44:48 GMT 2004


        I'd need some input from you for the "sample setup" part of the MAQ, to help people figure out what kind of hardware to fit their needs.

Pretty easy, just send me your MailScanner server(s) config and volume.  Here is an example (my config)

Volume:         200 messages/day
Hardware:       1 X Pentium II, 233MMX, 256 MB RAM, 4.3 SCSI HDD.
Software:       Fedora Core 1, Sendmail, Gateway mode, Spamassassin, Pyzor, DCC, 
                Razor, MailWatch, Vispan, Mailscanner-MRTG
Rbls:           None in MTA, None in MailScanner, All in SpamAssassin

It is not mandatory to send that much details, but it would be appreciated.
I won't publish your name/organization, unless you ask me to.

Thanks in advance to all of you for your collaboration.

Ugo Bellavance
Camo-Route Inc.

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