novice - RBL questions & init.d script

shanna leonard ssl at AHSC.ARIZONA.EDU
Sat Mar 13 00:24:07 GMT 2004

thanks for the speedy response & init script :)

Julian Field wrote:

>> 3)rbls which list dialups/dsl/dynamic ips:... I am confused about
>> whether these can be used within Mailscanners/spamassassin rbl checks...
>> will this give  false  positives, since the dialup may legitimately
>> appear in a received-from header? how does Mailscanner determine the
>> "originating" MTA?
> MailScanner RBL's just use the machine at the other end of the SMTP
> connection. SpamAssassin RBL's check all the Received: headers in the
> message.

hmmm. ok,  so lets see if I get it:

mailscanner RBL processing:"is the remote smtp server's IP on x number
of RBLS (whatever you set in .conf)" if so, then  bounce or tag as spam
(whatever you configure).. (so RBL in mailscanner vs sendmail buys you
the ability to tag vs only bounce )

spamassassin processing: check all Received: from headers against RBL
lists  &  add this to spam score ?

for Spamassassin RBL processing, is it possible to tell spamassassin to
ignore a certain number of the closest  hops ... i.e. the way I have
things set up for testing now, the MS gateway is behind a couple of
other local SMTP machines. can I configure spamassassin to ignore a
certain number of the closest Received: headers?

shanna leonard
arizona health sciences library

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