Debugging SA timeouts

Pete pete at
Wed Mar 10 10:09:44 GMT 2004

Martin Hepworth wrote:

> Hi
> Anyone got any good ways of debugging SA timeouts and finding out whats
> going on..
> apart from the obvious of using MS and SA debug mode in
> MailScanner.conf!!!
Nope, but i am really looking forward to finiding out, MailScanner
doesnt really stop anymore. My config remains unchanged since a week or
2 ago, when i upgraded from a perfectly working 4.24-5, now running the
latest stable, an SA 2.63 and something is very wrong, loads of spam
getting through.

I installed SA from source, how would i either de install or install 2.6
or 2.61 over the top. I am starting there, if that oesnt work, how do i
roll back MailScanner to 4.24-5? Will i need to rebuild the machine to
achieve this?

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