retrieving a quarantined file

John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Mon Mar 8 23:45:26 GMT 2004

Victor DiMichina wrote:
> Sometimes mailscanner quarantines a file that is from a trusted source.
>   It sends the message to contact the help desk (me),  and that I can
> retreive it.  Other than putting it on a floppy,  what is the best way
> to re-attach the link and deliver the original e-mail?   I'm on an IMAP
> CommuniGate server.

Are you storing the quarantined files in sendmail queue format? (is
there a qf* and df* file in quarantine?)

If so, then the easiest thing to do might be to:

1) move those 2 files to the directory you've set for MS's outgoing
queue (/var/spool/mqueue or /var/CommuniGate/MailScanner/out or

2) cd to that directory and run "ms2cgp -I$FOO"

where $FOO is the part after "qf" (which will be the same for both the
qf* file and the df* file).

That will get the message re-submitted to CommuniGate Pro (note: unless
you add the right header field to the message (the one mentioned in my
directions), it will also cause the message to be re-scanned in
MailScanner, causing it to quarantine again ... if you don't want that
to happen, then you need to edit the qf file to add the right header,
and the header lines have to have a "H" put at the front of them (look
at the other ones to see what I'm talking about ... if the header
multi-line, then just put a space at the beginning of the 2nd and later
lines, instead of an H).

If that doesn't all make sense, then contact me with specifics (the
things you set up in my directions, the contents of the quarantine
directory for that message, and the contents of the qf file).

If you're storing the message as a plain file instead of a sendmail
queue file, then I think you can just insert the header I mention, add a
*.sub line to its name, and put it in CGP's "Submitted" directory.

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