Mail server vs. mail relay

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Sun Mar 7 17:52:17 GMT 2004

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>De : Kevin Brouelette [mailto:kevin1a at VARLOG.NET]
>Envoyé : 7 mars, 2004 12:42
>Objet : Mail server vs. mail relay
>I'm running Mailscanner on a slackware linux servers and need some
>I have a mail server that the users get their mail from
>[IMAP] and it runs mailscanner which controls sendmail, ClamAV and
>SpamAssassin.  Works great.
>My problem is on a different server with the same setup
>that is used as a mail-relay only to clean email and relay
>it to an Exchange server.
>Since I use sendmails 'mailertable' feature to relay the mail,
>Mailscanner calls ClamAV and calls sendmail but doesn't call
> Spamassassin for some reason.
>Without changing any of the setup I created a local user on that
>server and it works fine. Something changes the way mail is handled
> when the server is used as a mail-relay that I don't quite understand.
>I decided to use sendmail-milter for now. Now Mailscanner 
>calls sendmail
> which [calls spamassassin via libmilter] and Mailscanner still calls
>This results in the mail getting tagged for spam in the headers just
>fine but it's not easily managed to have whitelists/blacklists etc.
>Should I be able to make this work without using libmilter so I can
> control everything with just mailscanners config file??

Yes you should.  I have the same setup, MailScanner in front of an Exchange server.  Virus scanning and SpamAssassin work perfectly.

You should make sure you don't have a ruleset that disables spam checks or that you didn't whitelisted the world by mistake.

>Any help is appreciated.
>Kevin Brouelette

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