Few general questions regarding MailScanner

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Sat Mar 6 00:31:22 GMT 2004

Jason Williams wrote:
> I'm going to use a Mail gateway for our company that will sit on our DMZ.
> It will scan all incoming mail for viruses and spam and take action
> accordingly.

This is what most of us use MS for. ;-)

> Would this pose any problems? For instance, is there any way I can set up
> Mailscanner to have a list of valid users to receive email for in attempts
> to block out some of the spam crud?

That's really the task of your MTA. I know Sendmail supports LDAP
lookups but I think there's beta code for something similar in MS also.
Some people on this list extract all addresses from Exchange and export
it to a file Sendmail can check. There's all kinds of setups but you
should start more basic and build on it.

> How well does MS work as a mail gateway? Any known problems? What about the
> outgoing mail part?

I don't use MS as a gateway, I have it between my DMZ gateways and the
Exchange battery but most here run MS on their gateways. It's really the
MTA that is the gateway, MS doesn't care where it is placed and it
doesn't touch the config of your MTA.

I would recommend setting up a test system and send mail from it to a
Yahoo account. That way you can test all settings and stuff. That's what
I did.

/Peter Bonivart

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