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Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Mar 4 18:36:43 GMT 2004

What does the -CMP switch do?
There is a big table at the top of which defines all the
command line options passed to every scanner's -wrapper script. It's pretty
obvious where to add it if you decide that is what is needed.

If you can tell me exactly what -CMP does, I will consider adding it to
future versions.

At 18:33 04/03/2004, you wrote:
>With Panda and F-secure,  a Bagel virus got through as a zip file.
>Panda catches it no problem as long as the -CMP switch is active.
>Where in MailScanner can I add the switch to do this?   I opened the
>panda-wrapper perl script,  and think I know of ONE place at the end of
>the $commando line,  but it seems like there is a better place to put

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