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Thu Mar 4 17:35:14 GMT 2004

At 16:50 04/03/2004, you wrote:
>I forward spam and high scoring spam to a special mail box to be
>checked for possible fps and then fed to bayes. Yesterday I
>started archiving mail to a special folder to use to automate the
>ham side of bayes learning. I was looking through what was in the
>ham folder from the first night and ever high scoring spam was in
>there? I saw only one normal spam but every single high scoring
>spam was archived.
>Is this the proper behavior? I have both spam actions set to
>delete aspecialbox at
>and Archive Mail = anotherbox at
>I can get around it by having the script that does the learning
>check the headers and remove the spam If I have to but I was
>hoping that only good mail would get archived.
>  Rick Cooper

It's a mail archive, it isn't a non-spam archive. You should use "non-spam
actions" for doing that.
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