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Wed Mar 3 21:15:54 GMT 2004

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> At 20:30 03/03/2004, you wrote:
> >On 3/3/04 2:20 PM, "Peter Bonivart" wrote:
> > > I guess the real question is, how is it possible that there still is
> > > users stupid enough to spread this? :-)
> >
> >I read something the other day that was a study of users and how they
> >
> >A. The Help Desk should be handling this.
> >
> >B. They don't have time to make sure it's not a virus and should be able
> >open mail as they please (refer to A.) Or bother with updates. (Gotta
> >EBay!!)
> >
> >C. Nothing they can do about it so what's the fuss.
> >
> >Many more but those seemed to stand out to me. This was a Novel Study I
> >think done in the UK.
> It was done by a marketing company called TNS I believe. The best report
> it I have seen is here:
> It makes for alarming reading!
> Believe me, the users really are that stupid. They don't care.
> Maybe responsible computer use needs to take the same path that Health and
> Safety has taken. People used to ignore that because they were "too busy"
> or other such lame excuses. Now they don't have an option, and can be
> disciplined/sued if they breach H+S legislation.
> These lame excuses cost real businesses real money, and I think it is up
> the businesses to start enforcing their rules, just like they do now with
> H+S rules and policies. I would certainly back company policies governing
> computer use, as long as they were enforced.
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What it comes down to is nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves
their actions anymore. One reason why courts are full of frivolous lawsuits.

Personally at an emotional level I feel that this whole password protected
viri thing is the equivalent of FedEX delivering a package containing
bullets and a gun with instructions to place bullet in gun, point barrel to
and pull trigger. Repeat if necessary.

Somehow FedEx would be sued for wrongful death.

Opening up a password protected zip file with the password in the same email
whether it is a known email address or not is the height of stupidity.
if the email body is as funky as the ones I've seen for Bagle.


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