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At 16:19 03/03/2004, you wrote:
> >> Some machine on our network has been infected by Worm.Bagel.J and
> >> other variants. This is spawning a whole lot of mails with password
> >> encrypted zip files which contain infected executables.
> >>
> >> We are using MailScanner-4.21 along with clamav-0.67-1.
> >>
> >> Anybody face a similar problem? Any pointers would be great.
> >
> >Find its IP, deny access to SMTP port via iptables.
> >
>Better yet, unplug it from the network until you get it

If you are using sendmail, take a look at the IPBlock code in You can create a configuration file which specifies how
many messages per hour to accept from various hosts and networks. If a host
on any of the defined networks exceeds its hourly rate, it is automatically
blocked for the rest of that hour using sendmail's access database. At the
end of the hour, the blocks are removed and mail can flow again, until a
limit is exceeded again. It logs an entry every time a machine is blocked
for exceeding its limit.

So you can say that, for example, you expect at most 30 messages per hour
from any internal computer, except for bigger limits (3000?) from your mail

It will stop you being flooded by mail from infected PCs until you get a
chance to clean them.
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