Guess what.... 4.28.4

Martin Hepworth martinh at SOLID-STATE-LOGIC.COM
Wed Mar 3 15:46:37 GMT 2004

OK got it , installed it, so far so good..

The 'slowness' does affect all 4.28 BTW - just didn't notice on 4.28.2-2
yesterday. I guess once features etc have been sorted the speed will
have to be looked at (no I'm not volunteering as I'm no perl guru).

For what it's worth 4.28.4 'feels' faster looking at the log
timings so I can't say for certain.

Martin Hepworth
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Solid State Logic
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Julian Field wrote:
> Sorry the updates are appearing so thick and fast at the moment.
> I wish everything was rather quieter than it is right now. But you folks
> need protection against the latest nasties, so I haven't much option.
> I have corrected the problem with this morning's code where it wasn't
> correctly handling messages that contained both a password-protected zip
> and an unprotected zip.
> I have also added a check so that if you set the max nesting depth to 0 but
> still ban password-protected zip files, then the attachments are checked
> for password-protected zips without the other rules being enforced on the
> contents of the zip files. It will only check the first level of nesting
> though, as it obviously can't check a zip file it has been asked not to
> unpack or create in the first place.
> --
> Julian Field
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