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Rob Lundberg rob at CSCONSULTANTS.NET
Sun Jun 27 00:02:01 IST 2004

G. Armour Van Horn wrote:

> I've just taken over handling mail for seven existing domains, and
> though the volume isn't all that high I wish I didn't have to deal with
> bounces from viruses sent to nonexistent users.

Why even accept mail for nonexistent users?  Drop it at your MX.

> I can understand that it is normal and desirable to send a 5.1.1 User
> Unknown response to an e-mail sent to a nonexistent user. However, when
> that e-mail is identified as spam, bouncing it means that I get a third
> message back, which I get to read personally, as a result.

Just delete spam that you dont want to deliver, what is the point in
bouncing it back at the spammer?

> If I could drop inbound spam to invalid users I could cut the load on
> the server down, not to mention the load on my time.

If you are using Exim, try enabling a callout in the verify_recipient of
your acl_check_rcpt.

verify = recipient/callout=30s,defer_ok

I hope I understood your problem.  We enabled callouts (and a few other
Exim tricks) on our MX and its stopping alot of crap before it gets
passed to MailScanner.

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