Blocking certain filename...a question

Jason Williams jwilliams at COURTESYMORTGAGE.COM
Fri Jun 25 17:20:26 IST 2004

Hello everyone.

Just this morning, I notice that MS was blocking files that had a hidden
type to it. The problem is that the files that are being blocked are coming
from our vendors who are sending us .pdf files that we need to access. What
i noticed is that the filename has a bunch of "." in it and I vaguely
remember that MS things this is trying to hide a file.

For instance, here is the file that was blocked this morning:


Since I it would be futile to try and ask the vendor to name attachments
properly, is there a way I can customize MS so it will not block files like
this? Could I just add .pdf as an allow file in filename.rules.conf?

I appreciate it.


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