Autowhite list question.

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Tue Jun 22 22:21:19 IST 2004


Forgive my noobishness.  I'm sure this question has been answered
a thousand times, I just couldn't find it in the archives.

I have seen whitelists before that are updated by the users themselves.
Basically the mail server watches the outbound mail queues.  Any email
sent by a local user to an external one is immediately whitelisted.

The server is then setup to ONLY allow people on the whitelist to send
to an internal user (i.e: the local user has to make "first contact"
before the remote user is allowed to send inbound mail).

It's kind of a draconian system, however I have some users who have
already authorized it.  They don't get outside sales contacts so it
won't matter much to them.

How do I implement this with Mailscanner / spamassassin?



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