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Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Mon Jun 21 21:26:35 IST 2004

At 04:09 PM 6/21/2004, James R. Stevens wrote:
>I'm trying to setup an account on my Mail Gateway where missed spam can be
>forwarded and sa-learn can be run to teach Bayes. Problem is forwarding
>the messages MINUS my DOMAIN headers (As not to blacklist myself or
>Domain) or setup the scipt to parse the message and ignore my Domain
>headers. (What the below script should do)

No, that's not what this script does.. This script processes a mailbox and
removes WHOLE MESSAGES that are from your users, and then feeds any
remaining messages to the learner.

It does NOT attempt to do any kind of fixing of the headers to compensate
for forwarding. If the message has your headers in it, it will be discarded
by this script and not processed.

Read this a bit more closely. Note that it says it will remove "our own
users email". It does not say it will "remove our users email address from
the message".

>#!/usr/bin/perl -w
># quick and dirty script to take forwarded ham and spam in mbox format and
># our own users email and then feed emails to sa-learn.
># Its setup to work on a debain testing box, you will need to change the
># and perhaps the paths. It mostly uses system rather than perl

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