[CLOSED] Re: Bad RFC822 field name ''

Clive Eisen clive at SERENDIPITA.COM
Fri Jun 18 09:53:52 IST 2004


> Thanks to you, Clive and Brian PASSANTE and all others, that we have a
> patch that fixes the header line "-:" in those spam messages. Headers
> are read using Mail::Header instead of Mail::Internet, and the body
> using Mail::Internet, instead of the previous technique wherein
> Mail::Internet read in the while mail in a single pass. This may
> increase the time to scan a mail, though in a negligible amount.
> Please get the patched Qmail.pm and QMDiskStore.pm from
> http://opencompt.com. The links are http://opencompt.com/QMDiskStore.pm
> and http://opencompt.com/Qmail.pm.
> If any of you have any trouble with this new version, please let me know.

I posted this to the openprotect list yesterday, but it hasn't shown up yet

I had to do this to get the broken email to flow - the line numbers may 
be a bit off because I have been hand patching

*** QMDiskStore.pm      Thu Jun 17 09:21:51 2004
--- QMDiskStore.pm.new  Tue Jun 15 12:27:02 2004
*** 218,228 ****
   if($this->{body}[0] eq "ORIGINAL") {
     my $handle = new FileHandle($this->{hdpath});
!     my($temphobj) = new Mail::Header();
!     $temphobj->read($handle);
!     $temphobj->delete("-:");
!     my($tempmiobj) = new Mail::Internet($handle,"Header",$temphobj);
!     #my $tempmiobj = new Mail::Internet($handle);
     close $handle;
   } elsif ($this->{body}[0] eq "MIME") {
--- 218,224 ----
   if($this->{body}[0] eq "ORIGINAL") {
     my $handle = new FileHandle($this->{hdpath});
!     my $tempmiobj = new Mail::Internet($handle);
     close $handle;
   } elsif ($this->{body}[0] eq "MIME") {

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